[sword-devel] Re: Permission requested on PorAA

Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corcete Dutra leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 28 15:55:58 MST 2005

Em Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:24:16 -0700, Chris Little escreveu:

> I'm not really clear what you're saying here.

	Sorry for not being clearer.

> Are you saying you've 
> asked permission to distribute "PorAA"


> Are you 
> saying that the "PorAA" text from Unbound Bible is still under some 
> copyright or has other licensing hinderances?

	There's no such thing as PorAA, not that I know of.  And
what's being called PorAA by the Unbound Bible guys is really the
Versão Revisada (de acordo com os melhores textos em Grego e Hebraico)
da tradução de João Ferreira de Almeira, under copyright of the JUERP,
JUnta de Educação Religiosa e Publicações da Convenção Batista
Brasileira, under the imprint of the Imprensa Bíblica Brasileira.  I
don't have my copy here now, but I think it's (c) 1967, and that's
what they claim at http://juerp.org.br./index.php?oid=1&cid=19.  I
have no reason to doubt this version's copy rights are still valid,
even if I don't know details of the Brazilian law.  I can dig them up
if you think it useful at all.

> Also, is the version of the text that you have been working on in a
> more-or-less stable state?

	Yes, I corrected everything I found to be bad -- orthography,
bad verse endings, truncated text.  I probably should dig up an old
copy of the Revisada I got from one of the JUERP's licensees a long
time ago, but due to being looking for a job I really can't right now.

> (Is now a good time to convert the files
> at http://dutra.fastmail.fm./pt-BR_JFA_Rev2.(osis|ubnd).bz2 to Sword
> modules and publish them or are you expecting to do further
> changes?)

	Please do... I had hoped you had did already and was just
waiting for something server-side to happen.

> And does your email to JUERP have a bearing on this?

	Yes and no.  If they don't allow us to publish the Revisada, I
guess we'd need to yank PorAA; if they do allow us, I guess we should
rename and insert all the copy right notices etc; if they ignore us, I
guess we should publish my corrections as soon as possible while I bug
them by email, mail or phone.

> Thanks for your continued work.

	You're more than welcome!  Just please make good use of it...

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