[sword-devel] A [small] problem with sword compilation on Cygwin - please patch this in SVN

Krzysztof Bialas krzbia at ctm.gdynia.pl
Tue Apr 26 22:54:41 MST 2005

The sword as of SVN version compiles nicely in Cygwin environment except 
from two minor flaws which could [should] be checked into the source tree by 
someone having the proper permissions on SVN ;-)
1) configure.ac
At the very end of that file the AC_CONFIG_FILES are defined. As of the 
current cygwin/automake these should be a *single line* as the backslashes 
disturb the generated config.status cousing the configure process to crash 
on generating makefiles (it was reported earlier on the sword-devel). Alhou 
it is a workaround, and I know that workarounds are bad, currently I do not 
know any other solution to that. Simply putting everything in the definition 
of AC_CONFIG_FILES to one line without backslashes solves the Cygwin 
configure problem.
2) include/swobject.h - the Cygwin does not need the unixstr.h. Having this 
included disturbs the build of diatheke with the information on multiply 
defined strcasecmp. So something should be added to the
    #include <utilfuns.h>
    #if !defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(_WIN32_WCE)
    #include <unixstr.h>
Unfortunatelly I do not know what it should be. Someone (a developer) needs 
to decide.

I hope it helps to get the cygwin build.

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