[sword-devel] New Accented Greek NT with Morph

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Mon Apr 25 08:16:37 MST 2005

On Monday 25 April 2005 15:01, DM Smith wrote:

> Placement of accents with composed are determined by the font editor and
> are placed correctly.

...if they are placed correctly :) If you want to see the bugs in FreeFont, 
see https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?func=browse&set=open&group=freefont

> Rendering of decomposed is an approximation. So, 
> yes, composed look better. If the end user has a font that completely
> supports composed.
> Font selection is critical with composed. Many fonts support unaccented
> Greek letters, so when decomposed is rendered with a font that does not
> do accents, the accents are represented as boxes (or perhaps something
> else). This is really ugly, but it is possible to ignore the "static"
> and read the unaccented letters. But with the same font, composed is
> entirely un-readable.
> End users will need help making good selections. Currently, in
> BibleDesktop, we provide a Font Picker that gives an alphebetized list
> of each font on the system and a bunch of sizes that the user might like
> to use. This does not provide the user any help in picking out a good font.

It is a de facto standard to show "big ugly rat jumped over the juicy fruit" 
or something when selecting fonts. It would be quite easy to first select the 
module type like in BibleTime frontend: English, Finnish, Ancient Greek etc. 
Then there could be a string with all the necessary characters of that 
encoding to show. In BibleTime frontend only the example string should be 
changed, otherwise it's quite helpful.

> With regard to searching, it is important that the search is normalized
> the same way that the text is normalized.

Yes, and my idea was that the module text should be normalized when making the 
module, not when searching. Maybe the normalization form should be made known 
in the module. Although I would prefer precomposed form as you have seen, I 
have nothing against several differently normalized modules from the same 

Eeli Kaikkonen

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