[sword-devel] MinGwin

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sun Apr 24 06:16:21 MST 2005

Hi there .......

Just to say that having got everything including the utilities to build 
under the free Borland Builder 6, I though I'd have a go with Mingwin.  
It's years since I looked at it, and it really has improved.  The msys 
package gives the look and feel of the Linux console, and has all the 
building tools - automake, autoconf etc.

The library builds 'as is' with the archived (frozen) source v. 1.5.7, 
but the latest SVN doesn't.  I did a quick and dirty fix by copying the 
configuration files from 1.5.7 and got it to make OK - and make the 
utilities which work properly.

God bless,


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