[sword-devel] Information for beginning Windows BCB 6 Developers

Krzysztof Bialas krzbia at ctm.gdynia.pl
Tue Apr 19 00:18:05 MST 2005

Troy, Chris, Dear developers.
Obvious things are the easiest to bo forgotten about. Thanks to the Troy for 
pointing out a tiny detail - build options in BibleCS made sword-icu lib and 
the build options for tools. YES these were different! I'd like to swear 
like a seamen, but well, on The Sword project it might be not perceived well 

To summarise. Right now I do have osis2mod built correctly in BCB6. I'll try 
the same with the rest of the tools and submit a resulting build files to 
Troy,Chris so these could be added to SVN.

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> Chris Little wrote:
>> To clarify, I believe Troy is confirming that BibleCS builds fine using 
>> BCB6. I don't think he's making a statement about building the utils, 
>> which may still need project work.
> Yes.  Chris has correctly stated my position that I have not had time yet 
> to look at a utilities project file for BCB6.  It sounds like Christopher 
> has had a good start.  I would suggest a BUILD ALL once you get a project 
> group setup correctly.  It might just be that the libraries were built one 
> way while compiling BibleCS, and now they are configured differently for 
> your new project group.  A BUILD ALL Projects will force a recompile with 
> your new settings.

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