[sword-devel] Information for beginning Windows BCB 6 Developers

Barry Drake b-drake at supanet.com
Mon Apr 18 04:00:52 MST 2005

Hi there ............

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> BCB6 compilation should NOT require any downloading of packages 
> outside of our 3 SVN repos: sword, icu-sword, biblecs.  

I cleaned out all the SVN stuff from my box and took a clean SVN 
checkout at 8.30 am GMT this morning.  The whole thing built 'straight 
out of the box' just as Troy said it ought - and it works.  This build 
was made using the free personal Builder 6 from the Nokia site.  
However, I tried again to build one of the tools - mod2vpl - and it 
builds fine with the new libraries, and runs without parameters giving 
the 'help' as output, but it folds as soon as it is given a parameter, 
even if the parameter is a module I don't have.  Before you ask - yes - 
it is in my Sword directory and yes, the pre-built vpl2mod works OK from 
that same directory.

Do I remember Chris saying that there may be problems with the utilities 
at the moment, or should I spend time with the debugger?

God bless,


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