[sword-devel] Information for beginning Windows BCB 6 Developers

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Apr 17 22:44:24 MST 2005

Hey guys.  Thanks for the time investigating this.  My apologies for 
being scarce this weekend.  I hope to get caught up with things early in 
the week, but wanted to post a quick note.

BCB6 compilation should NOT require any downloading of packages outside 
of our 3 SVN repos: sword, icu-sword, biblecs.  Simply following the 
instructions at:


to checkout our SVN repository, and then opening the:

biblecs/CBuilder6/swordprj.bpg in BCB6 and choosing Project|Build All 

This should produce a working executable.  It does for me on a CLEAN 
system.  Please let me know if you CONFIRM that it does not for you.


Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ...........
> Wade Maxfield wrote:
>>  This is a compilation of notes to hopefully assist beginning
>> developers in the Windows Environment. 
> Thanks for this.  I was going to write something like it myself when 
> (if) I finally get it fully working.  First, can I say that there's a 
> free package of Builder 6 Personal currently available for download at 
> the Nokia site:  http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-49,00.html
> You have to register first on the Nokia site and then with Borland, but 
> it's free.  The edition is described as 'a restricted version', but the 
> restrictions don't seem to affect the Sword build.
> Can I add that the project group file I started the build with is the 
> one called swordprg.bpg in the BibleCS directory.  This one seems to 
> work OK for me (with a bit of tweaking).  Also, one of the 'features' of 
> this personal version of Builder 6 is that it needs to start with the 
> .bpg files rather than the .bpr files, according to the documentation.
> The TntWare package Wade describes doesn't seem to contain the .hpp 
> files that the Sword compile is asking for, so I'm investigating 
> further.  I may need to do a build of TntWare first and I haven't done 
> that yet.  That apart, the Sword api library builds OK and the ICU 
> libraries too.  That's as far as I've got up to now.
> Can I suggest that all of these 'newbie' hints get put in a doc-file on 
> the web site?
> Kind regards,
> Barry Drake.
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