[sword-devel] Newbie (And BCB6 Development hiccups)

Wade Maxfield maxfield at ctelcom.net
Sun Apr 10 11:23:03 MST 2005


  Thanks for the reply.  My ISP server seems not to be giving me your 
emails, probably crosswire on an RBL somewhere, I found your reply in the 
web based archive.  I've  signed up under gmail, due to that, so I should 
be on the list soon.  I've also contacted the ISP, trying to get crosswire 

  Anyway, Here goes:

 The First link's instructions (see below) don't work because TheSword has 
moved from CVS to SVN, and the instruction page that is linked to about 
checking out of CVS is _gone_.

  The Second link's instructions (the tutorial) almost work. I worked 
through several issues (and  emailed the solutions to the guy in the 
twiki page), but I now have a crash at the mainmgr->Load() call, and am 
totally stuck.

  I just now got everything out of SVN, I hope, and nothing matches your 
documentation, since your documentation is based on CVS.  It appears there 
is no bundle for checking out a coherent directory tree for Windows and 
building under BCB 6. 
   The SVN instructions aren't fully understandable.  It took a while to 
get the right pattern for biblecs and the icu-sword.  They don't check out 
into directories that make sense.  There are no instructions in any of the 
trees that I've found that give a roadmap.

   It would be really nice to have a .zip file that you can download 
(without using SVN) that builds once you've unzipped it into a directory, 
using BCB6.  It can be an older "frozen" system, it would just be nice.

  Also, if you click on "Task List" under developers section at 
http://www.crosswire.org, you get a  SourceForge page with an Error, 
indicating that the "Project has turned off Task Manager."

   I'll muddle down the road.  From an absolute dummy's point of view, 
this project is not coherent.  So far, I've hit every roadblock possible.

   Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome Wade,

Here are several links from twiki.


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>   I signed up yesterday to the mailing list.
>   I am trying to download the code using SVN. That went ok.  It put
> in a "src" subdirectory, which was already in a src subdirctory due
> your web page directions.
>   I tried to download biblecs, and I got a directory named "Trunk",
> biblecs.  I tried to run cbuilder 6 on the project and got several
> messages.
>   I went through the mailing list and did not find anything that I
> get hold onto to let me know what directories needed to be where.
>   Can someone help?
>   I'm working on a project that requires some importation of some
> domain bibles into a database, and your project api  appears to fill
> bill.  I'm very comfortable with BCB 6 and kylix.  (Is there a kylix
> branch?)
> thanks,
> wade

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