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Robert Pang robert_pang at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 8 09:05:03 MST 2005

Hi Troy

I have been using this Swordreader to read bible in English and Chinese on my HP 1940 and it is great. However, I notice some glitches which I want to report.

First, I find that the Swordreader screen doesn't show when I start the program from the program menu. I have to always either click the Swordreader icon again, or to switch to another application and then switch back to Swordreader (through, say, Wisbar menu tool) for the Swordreader screen to show. I wonder if this may be due to missing a PAINT message on the program's onStart event or something like that. Since I have only little Windows programming knowledge and that is what I speculate.

Second, that sometimes if the backlight turns off after certain time and I switch on my iPAQ again, the bible text will not show in the main window. If I pick the bible text from the "Book", "Chapter", and "Verse" menus again, it still won't show. I have to shutdown Swordreader and restart it for the text to show again.

Third, I notice that if I close Swordreader by clicking the "Close" icon (from Wisbar) instead shutting it down with the "Shutdown" menu, the bible text file will be corrupted sometimes that I have to reinstall those files. Shutdown will always close the text files properly and will not corrupt those files. So I always have to remind myself not to click the "Close" icon.

Are these problems specific to my iPAQ or not?

Thanks for providing this great bible reader software on Pocket PC.

God blesses.



 Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org 
Fri Oct 1 16:51:52 MST 2004 

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 	Yeah!  It's called 'swordreader' and has not been officially made 
public yet-- mostly due to my lack of.. er, TIME, yeah time...

 	Johan Gorter was the driving force behind getting this going.  I 
did a few small things to get the library all working on ce, but it's 
mostly all Johan.

 	Last I remember, he split the code up into 2 targets: a simple 
Bible reader (his goal), and full sword support app.

 	I was hoping to build it against 1.5.8 of the libs which are 
nearly ready to release, post new binaries, and then make the project 

 	Johan has voiced that he feels he has completed what he came here 
to do, and I believe is no longer subscribed to sword-devel.  That pumpkin 
is available if you'd like to hold it.

URL: http://crosswire.org/sword/swordreader
SVN: https://crosswire.org/svn/swordreader/trunk/

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