vimacs was Re: [sword-devel] Re: Christian Debian distro talk / Report

jpklingon at jpklingon at
Wed Apr 6 13:30:06 MST 2005

<< For the non-native English speakers among us, Chris is joking (I 
hope ;) ). I think Joel might be as well.>>

I cannot speak for Chris -  I was being humorous in my emphasis (or 
intended to be so) but I am serious that emacs is a very good editor, 
and the one I personally require on Unix systems.   Micro-Emacs or 
Emacs clones, like Zile, are good options, but if an emacs-like isn't 
on a system I always put it there.  Full blown emacs may be too much 
for a very limited system, but I doubt it.  It's standard on Knoppix - 
why leave it out?

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