[sword-devel] 1 bug left for 1.5.8

Krzysztof Bialas krzbia at ctm.gdynia.pl
Mon Apr 4 05:52:17 MST 2005

    Hello Troy!
Thank You very much for the response. I'm really sorry for the confusion 
I've coused by using not so well prepared test osis file - please excuse me, 
I was really so sure that positive schema validation gives the 'blessing' of 
OSIS conformance... apparently I was wrong. I'll readily correct the test 
file as soon as I will find out what was wrong in it.

I'll happily accept Your offer of NASB samples to take a look and adjust my 
encoding to these understood by osis2mod as much as possible. Please 
understand - for me it is really difficult to point a finger ans say, 'yes, 
the error is in the engine' or 'the error is in the frontend', so surely I 
can be wrong at times. For the <p> problem I was sure, as it was confirmed 
by looking at the generated module, and by Chris? on the forum.

To be honest I can follow ANY advice on encoding if it could enable me to 
deliver the best Polish Sword module ever (till now) :-)
Troy, I agree, and I'm really willing to do the necessary changes to the 
module. I understand that tweaking osis2mod tool for every possible type of 
encoding is a painfull and perhaps not necessary task, as the developers 
time can be spend better on other features.
For now I will not offer further comments on the topic until I'll take a 
look at NASB samples.

And yes, one last thing, please use the following email address for NASB 
related emails: 'krzbia (at) ctm (dot) gdynia (dot) pl'
Thank You!
Christopher Bialas.

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> Christopher,
> I've had a quick look at your test file, and although it validates against 
> the schema, this does not mean that it is valid OSIS (including invalid 
> osisID elements), it also doesn't seem to comply with the best practices 
> OSIS user guide.
> Thank you for spending the time to come up with this document.  It will be 
> great to use when we try to make our import tools handle most any case 
> that might come up.
> I have fixed the Windows UI for </p> not being imported correctly. This is 
> indeed a bug in the osis2mod importer.
> I'm sure osis2mod has many things that it cannot do right now which you 
> would like and which it should do.
> Having said this, we have encoded very complex Bibles including the NASB 
> and ESV into OSIS and successfully imported them with the osis2mod tool.
> It is important for us to progress this tool to support more types of OSIS 
> markup which are valid, but advancing this tool does not have any bearing 
> on the engine and it is my opinion that it shouldn't hold up its release.
> I would like to help you get your Bible encoded into best practice OSIS 
> encoding, and even stricter encoding which our tool will support.  Might I 
> send you an excerpt from our NASB module that you can mimic, so you can 
> get your Bible working with SWORD?
> Please don't take this wrong.  I really want to help you, but don't have 
> the time myself to make this tool work for all of these variant encodings 
> right now, and no one else seems willing to step up and do it either.  And 
> we really need to get a labeled version out the door so frontend 
> developers can have something they might release against.
> I hope this is understandable and that you know I don't want to imply that 
> your contributions and Bible are not important.
> -Troy A. Griffitts.
> [...] 

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