[sword-devel] 1 bug left for 1.5.8

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 4 01:56:26 MST 2005

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>     It is important for us to progress this tool to support more types 
> of OSIS markup which are valid, but advancing this tool does not have 
> any bearing on the engine and it is my opinion that it shouldn't hold up 
> its release.

I'm basically in agreement here, with one reservation: I think we should 
investigate the items Christopher cites. (I'm downloading everything 
necessary for this right now and can report back tomorrow night.) As far 
as I see things, there are four basic groups of errors that these may 
belong to:
(1) operator error (e.g. not knowing that stuff in introductions goes 
into 0 verses or not knowing where to find them)
(2) osis2mod deficiencies
(3) engine deficiencies (e.g. not knowing how to render tags)
(4) encoding errors (e.g. using tags in ways other than they were 

I think there will be relatively few occasions where (2) the issue since 
osis2mod does so little processing. It mainly tries to chunk a document 
and place the resulting bits in the right verse slots. (1) and (4) are 
not _really_ our problems (aside from making intros more accessible at 
some point). But I think there's a possibility we'll have instances of 
(3) that really SHOULD be fixed as soon as possible if they can be 
identified (before 1.5.8, if possible).

I would also really like to see osis2mod "handle" apocrypha before we do 
another public release of the util. All I want to see it do is recognize 
the apocrypha and throw them out rather than trying to add them to 
Revelation (as they now do). It's a quick fix that should help with 
importing Bibles that include these books until the engine can actually 
recognize them. But again, I'd like to see that before a release of 
osis2mod, not necessarily the whole engine. (And I'll work on it when I 
get around to importing that vulgate, if no one else feels motivated.)

>     I would like to help you get your Bible encoded into best practice 
> OSIS encoding, and even stricter encoding which our tool will support.  

The osis-user list is also a great place to get OSIS encoding help. A 
number of people from this list are on it. Virtually everyone from the 
OSIS committees is on it and ready to answer questions. And if questions 
are posed to osis-user, they get archived in a central location for 
future users who might have the same questions.


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