[sword-devel] biblix is back online ...

biblix.online at free.fr biblix.online at free.fr
Sun Apr 3 02:03:19 MST 2005

hi guys,

my old version of the online side of Biblix is back online at :


if you want to have a look at it ...

the one and only yet completely finished book is matthieu with its historical
context and book structure ("lire la Bible", then "Nouveau Testament" then
"Evangiles", then click on "Matthieu", then "informations sur l'evangile selon
Matthieu" or "Structure de l'evangile selon Matthieu").

once again, it is an old extremely uncomplete version but I have no room to
store the iso which is working fine but also light years from being finished

I hope you'll enjoy it

email me your comments if you wish

until then, may Daddy God give you an awesome day

Gilles (Biblix)

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