[sword-devel] biblix online should be up by the end of the week end

fournilgilles at free.fr fournilgilles at free.fr
Fri Apr 1 01:23:30 MST 2005

hi to all again,

just a little note to let you know that biblix online (the web site for the
biblix project) should be up by the end of the week end.

from tonight onward, you will be able to contact me at "biblix.online at free.fr"

I have not maitained nor worked on the project for months, so it is still under
construction, but just in case you might want to have a look at it to give you
an idea of what it is.

Have a great day (or night for the brothers down under ...) and until the next
time we chat, may Daddy God richly bless you.

Gilles (Biblix)

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