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fournilgilles at free.fr fournilgilles at free.fr
Fri Apr 1 01:03:26 MST 2005

hi Nigel, hi all,

your ideas are very good.

ok for me concerning the name of the project

concerning your drawing, to have the fish look down makes it look depressive to
me ...
how about face looking upward and with a smile on his face ?

I find it awesome that christians from literaly all over the world and from its
farthest corners join together to work on the same project !

have a great day everyone :o)

Gilles (Biblix)

> Hi all,
> We're obviously going to need a logo for this ICHTHUX thing (which I
> humbly suggest is the best title of those thus far mooted, in regard to
> fishiness, for instant recognition amongst Christians, and
> web-uniqueness, for domain name availability and search engine results).
> Here are my suggestions for what the logo needs to achieve:
> 1. It has to focus on the 'fish'; that's what signals to Christians the
> nature of the project.
> 2. But it has to avoid the 'standard', horizontal, 2 dimensional, rather
> static, Christian fish of bumper-sticker fame -- rather it needs to
> communicate something living and vibrant.
> 3. In spite of the nice "HTH" in the centre of the word, it's more
> important to reinforce the fish meme than to try and capitalize on the
> possible 'cross' associations.  They look rigidly geometric rather than
> organic, in any case, which is bad.
> I've attached a photo of a sketch of one possible idea. I'm not going to
> explain it at this point, since if logos need to be explained, then
> they've already failed.
> Comments are welcome. If it gains mindshare I'll turn it into vector
> art, colorize it, make GIFs and JPEGs, etc.
> I'm very excited about this project; my own work in the area (web based
> Bible search tools) would not have been possible without the Sword
> library and its Diatheke interface. I wasn't awake at 4am Sydney time
> for the start of our talk, but I expect to be catching up with more of
> you next time around.
> Blessings,
> Nigel Chapman
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> Nigel Chapman | Email,MSN: nigel at chapman.id.au
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