[sword-devel] hi

Lynn Allan paracletos at adelphia.net
Mon May 31 16:46:31 MST 2004

[sword-devel] Hi> I am a DBA also, lots of stuff, jack of all trades, master
of none.
> John Marchant

Hi John,

If it would interest you to participate in a project that could possibly
take advantage of your dba skills and experience:

I've worked on the InVerse scripture memorization freeware and the LcdBible
freeware [semi-sword-api based]. I am interested in integrating the two
using a database approach (rather than a hybrid of rawtext flat-file and xml
flat-file). I think it would be helpful to enlist some collaboration to
consider ideas/alternatives ... particularly the appropriate schema.

I'm interested in converting the InVerse scripture memorization freeware to
a web app ... possibly with php+mysql. Any chance you'd have the time and
interest to discuss further?

For His glory and honor,
Lynn Allan

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