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Lynn Allan paracletos at adelphia.net
Mon May 31 16:38:19 MST 2004

Hi John,

In Windows, I have found it possible to semi-directly do a reply to a post
in the sword-support archive with Internet Explorer.

* View the archive and select the post of interest

* File + Send + Page By EMail (invokes mail software ... outlook express for

* Remove a lot of extraneous wordage

* [DON'T FORGET!] Change format from HTML to plain text only and remove
.html from Subject

Kind of tedious and error prone, but works ok with IE 6.0 (and probably
Lynn A.

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Sigh, I went to the thread archives and clicked the email at the top to send
the message and (sigh) it is not in the thread.  I have tried it with
Outlook Express and Yahoo via the daily digest.

At this point, you may not want me to do anything because I cannot respond
to a simple email, but I would still like to try.

I actually and a Network Admin, programmer and a lot of other techincal
things.  I am not a C++ programmer, though I can follow the program.  I
primarily do .net asp.net stuff; and though I am most proficient in vb.net,
I prefer c# and am migrating to it away from vb.  I am a DBA also, lots of
stuff, jack of all trades, master of none.

Right now, I am interested in developing a module for the Sword Project,
some of the Puritan works.

John Marchant


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