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Hi John,

Something to consider with your VB (non .net) skills: there is an open project to simplify the installation of tools for Wycliffe translators. Here is more info:


An nsis installer was put together, but the real task is to use Word automation for settings to customize the dictionary and grammar settings.

Hope all is well as we labor together in the harvest,
Lynn A.
paraclete at bibleinverse.org

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  Sigh, I went to the thread archives and clicked the email at the top to send the message and (sigh) it is not in the thread.  I have tried it with Outlook Express and Yahoo via the daily digest.

  At this point, you may not want me to do anything because I cannot respond to a simple email, but I would still like to try.

  I actually and a Network Admin, programmer and a lot of other techincal things.  I am not a C++ programmer, though I can follow the program.  I primarily do .net asp.net stuff; and though I am most proficient in vb.net, I prefer c# and am migrating to it away from vb.  I am a DBA also, lots of stuff, jack of all trades, master of none.

  Right now, I am interested in developing a module for the Sword Project, some of the Puritan works.

  John Marchant


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