[sword-devel] Question on Burmese Language Support

Levi Lim llim at fotb.com
Wed May 26 05:13:48 MST 2004

Dear SWORD Team,

Regarding The SWORD Project software, I would like to enquire on the following:-

1) On my Microsoft Word document which is Myanmar Bible in Burmese Language, I am trying to copy verse by verse into the SWORD Project software but when I paste it into the "Personal" tab, it does not come out the same. Same happens when I try to type in directly, when I try to for example copy Luke 1:1 and paste it into the software, it comes out as 15 sentences without any meaning but in Burmese fonts.

2) Is there any way I can automatically put in a whole book of the Bible in Burmese language eg. Luke into the "Personal" tab? Currently what I have to do is copy verse by verse which is difficult.

3) If there are difficulties in solving this issue through corresponding, are there people who we can get support from in US or any other place as soon as possible?.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Levi Lim
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