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It's been "one of those YEARS", and more than two months later, I'm just now
getting to this place in my email-queue, deleting MOST stuff quickly.
Fortunately I saw what you were talking about, and the Esperanto Bible is
something I'm VERY interested in.

There's an easy-to-find Unicode version of the Esperanto Bible available
online, separated into books, but I don't think that it is separated into
verse-numbers. Obviously, adding in the verse-numbers in whatever convention
Sword requires would be a LOT of work if done manually, but I don't know how
to do it otherwise.

I have on my system, and also available from the Esperanto Files Section of
WWW.CDLF.ORG, a Latin3 version of the Esperanto Bible. If there exists a way
to convert from Latin3 to Unicode, that would probably be an easier way to
do it... but I THINK that this version is in paragraph format. The
OliveTree.com Esperanto Bible database employs the X-convention... One
version that used to "live" in the Esperanto section of the Foreign Language
Forum on Compuserve employed apostrophe instead of x... I guess it just
depends on what sort of convention(s) a particular into-Unicode program can

I wish I had more to offer toward the project, but at the moment I can't
even volunteer time... But I'm cheering you on(and whoever works with you).
I have had both direct contact with, and second- or third- hand reports
about, people who read the Bible ONLY in Esperanto, including both
"Bible-believers" and some folks who wouldn't have had much interest in
reading the Bible EVEN IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, but who wanted to read the
Bible in Esperanto. I strongly suspect that a Bible program with an
Esperanto text, and especially a version of the program localized into
Esperanto, would provoke a SURPRISING amount of interest in the existing
Esperanto community among Roman Catholics (especailly now that the
Deuterocanonical books are available), Protestants, "cultists", and even

I realize that in the weeks since you posted this, you may have discovered
much more and accomplished a lot toward the goal (or not). If you have time
to drop me a note and let me know about the status of the project, I'll at
least cheer you on. With my current financial/job situation, I hardly know
which way to run... and can't really make ANY committments of money or
time... But you'll definitely be in my prayers!


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> I see that the text of the Esperanto bible includes the letter "x" as a
workaround for not having the Esperanto letters available.  While it's
possible to read the text this way, most Esperanto speakers will find it
difficult to read in this form.
> I'd be interested in helping to set up the correct fonts and updating the
text to display properly.
> Updating the text should be fairly straightforward, and the Esperanto
characters are available in Unicode, if that's what the software uses.
> David Simpson
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