[sword-devel] New Module

anthony kerr anton_kylie at pacific.net.au
Tue May 11 23:22:21 MST 2004

Hi team hope you are well and trusting in our great God and saviour Jesus.

Graham Nind posted the following message on sword-support a few days ago, 
announcing a new BHS module with strongs numbers. I have checked it out 
briefly and it works well in Bibletime.

Could someone add this module to the download section or propose a course of 

In Christ

> Hi
> I have prepared a BHS module with Strongs. I had to start from scratch with
> the CATSS text, as the BHS Sword module has been modified, and my Perl
> script, which inserts the numbers, relies on the spaces being in exactly
> the right place.
> I am not entirely happy with some of the textual apparatus I have had to
> use. e.g I have inserted the MT numbering as footnotes, but for some reason
> they are inside double brackets. e.g I have kept the Qere-Ketiv variant
> readings, and indictated their presence with italicised Hebrew characters
> 'kaph' and 'quph'. I can't think of a better way of doing this.
> The module is at http://www.grahamnind.dsl.pipex.com/files/BHSs1.zip . The
> conf file is attached.
> I've come across a problem.
> It displays fine under Windows XP, except in parallel view mode(see later).
> Anthony Kerr says it is fine under Bibletime-Linux
> I just tried it underWindows 98 and it is fine if you don't have the
> Strongs numbers showing. However, once you turn them on, the Hebrew text
> reverses direction. The words themselves are OK, but you have to read from
> left to right. This is also what happens in parallel view under XP.
> Any idea why this is so? Can you see if I am doing anything wrong in the
> source text?
> Also I have installed the module as rawtext, because I can't seem to get
> mod2zmod.exe to work
> Graham Nind

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