[sword-devel] canned reply for sword-support

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Tue May 11 12:56:28 MST 2004

Hi Lynn ...........

On 11 May 2004 at 10:44, Lynn Allan wrote:
> I can draft something ... but ... I'm really not knowledgable about great
> swaths of The CrossWire Society's activities ... linux, jsword, macsword,
> osis, gbf, sword-api, biblecs, etc.

Looking back at queries addressed to Sword Support, a large number 
are about copyright issues, and a good few of the rest would be 
covered just by pointing the person to pages on the web-site.  The 
others are specific and will have to be answered individually.  

Something also needs to be said to explain that cheques are not 
cashed until CD's are sent, and that it is sometimes slow because of the 
volunteer situation.  I gather that the CD's can sometimes take a few 
weeks to be despatched, especially when a new release is about to be 

Daniel suggested that the first part of the standard message simply 
points out that the support is given by volunteers and may be a little 
slow in arriving!  The rest of the standard reply simply needs to point to 
the faq's and the pages on the web-site that give advice on copyright 
issues, installation on the different platforms etc.  The message does 
not need to contain anything that is platform specific, as this will 

God bless,

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