[sword-devel] Re: PorAA with problems [related to MacSword]

Nuno Barreto nbarreto at co.sapo.pt
Tue May 11 02:04:37 MST 2004


This was the first reply I had. The module still has problems. But the 
MacSword programmer was kind enough to hack the program so it would 
show the module correctly.


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On 10/mai/2004, at 23:46, Lynn Allan wrote:

> [sword-support] PorAA with problems
> Hello Nuno Barreto,
> Thanks for contacting The SWORD Project with information about the 
> PorAA
> Module for MacSword. I'm not sure if anyone responded to your earlier 
> e-mail
> (Apr 19, 2004). Has there been further progress with this?
> Unfortunately, I am not able to give you much of an answer beyond 
> this. I am
> basically going through the older, 'stale' questions and sending a 
> courtesy
> reply. You might want to re-send your email, or address it to
> sword-devel at crosswire.org
> For His glory and honor,
> Lynn Allan
> *******************************************
> *******************************************
> Hi,
> I use MacSword and I cant see any text in the PorAA Module. I sent an
> email to them, and they say it is probably a problem with the module. I
> agree that it probably is, because in one other program (i think it was
> gnomesword) the text appeares with two question marks at the end of
> each verse.
> I hope you can solve it soon, since its the only free portuguese 
> module.
> Maybe I can help solving the problem.
> Oh, and by the way. Why is my mail server (sapo.pt) spam blocked?
> Thanks

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