[sword-devel] Do yoe need this BiblePresenter?

Wolfgang Schultz komplexion9 at netscape.net
Mon May 10 13:05:10 MST 2004

scribe at crosswire.org schrieb:

>    We have a personal relationship with Winfred Bader from the German 
> Bible Society (who has actually just moved on to other work), and 
> received permission to distribute the base text of the BHS, which is 
> actually Codex Leningradensis. 

Sure i know that your BHS module is not really the "Biblia Hebraica 
Stuttgartensia", but in germany it is also forbidden to use the term 
"Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia" for Biblia Hebraica OT.

>    We do not distribute the Nestle Aland. 

Ok, I have now seen that your modul is locked :)

I have thought at the Nestle Aland on this site....




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