[sword-devel] Do yoe need this BiblePresenter?

Wolfgang Schultz komplexion9 at netscape.net
Mon May 10 07:33:57 MST 2004

chrislit at crosswire.org schrieb:

>OSIS is many many many times more complex than Zefania.  

That is the problem of OSIS :) ! Zefania is reduced to the maxium for 
developing of powerfull biblestudy software.
Now Zefania Bible Markup Language is leading in real existing biblestudy 
tools that work on XML -files.

>Have you considered just using OSIS?  

Yes, the result is  Zefania XML :)

>Sword already has OSIS export capabilities,
>as you know, 

Sword to OSIS doesn't work correct, because of the any many many times 
more complexity than Zefania :)

>and already has all of the content available in Zefania XML

Sure ? There is an nice tool for sword users

The tool is called
Get a bible 1.5

this tool that can download bible versions from bibleserver.com. If  you 
could make sword-modules from Zefania moduls sword users were able to 
have some bible versions that are locked to the general public.



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