OT: [sword-devel] owner-sword-devel@crosswire.org sent out a virus

Hastings hastings at dancris.com
Sat May 8 21:07:51 MST 2004

Ryan V wrote:
>*sigh*  so much for trying to be helpful to those of
>you who use windows.

>I'll remember to keep my helpful suggestions to myself
>next time. :(

>If the reply to my original email where I suggested
>avg antivirus indicated that a further suggestion
>would have been accepted, I would have mentioned this
>one myself. Perhaps coming from you this suggestion
>will be accepted and appreciated. :)

My only intention in the post I made was to save people like me, with more 
than one computer, the time of going to check out a program that for us is 
not what it is for others. For what it is worth you didn't waste any of my 
time because I was not looking for help. But, I have looked in the past for 
others that wanted my help finding them something. It was not my intention, 
in that post, to praise or criticize that program in any way other than the 
one I addressed. It may otherwise be a great program. It was also not my 
intention to appear thankful or unthankful for your efforts. If there is 
actually anyone here looking for an AV program they can tell you if they 
are thankful or not. I was not the one that started the discussion about 
the worm. That was another Hastings, and for all I know he was very 
thankful to have the information from both of us to pass on to others. But 
if he is not thankful, let me say that, what you did by posting that 
information was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and I stand be what I said 
in my other, also wonderful, post.  ;-)

I think we are both trying to help people. I see that. I hope you do also.


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