[sword-devel] suggestion for locales /abbrevs

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed May 5 11:33:10 MST 2004

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> Hi,
> 'Book' numbers are going to be moved around a bit with VerseKey2. The
> current idea is for the extra OSIS books to go in between the Old and
> New Testaments with a few spaces left for any other issues that may turn
> up. This will leave Genesis as the start and Revelation as the end.

There are also a few (roughly 4, I'd guess) "extra" books that belong to 
the NT.  Can we leave space at the end too?  Or does it really matter 
since we can re-order books for presentation from their internal 
ordering (I assume/hope).

> The locales current map abbreviations to book numbers but this is
> potentially buggy as it is an effort to check if the number is the book
> that you think it is. What I'm suggesting is to use upper case OSIS id
> book names instead of book numbers. VerseKey2 will have a static
> function getOSISBookNum so that SWLocale can map these to book numbers
> (this will need to be implemented for VerseKey as well).

Why upper case OSIS book abbreviations rather than mixed?  XML is case 
sensitive, so the book abbreviations are case sensitive, so it's 
POSSIBLE that a "GEN" book could be allocated in addition to "Gen". 
Yes, I know we would almost certainly never ever ever do this, but... 
what if.  It's mostly academic, but is there really any need to case 
fold here?

> Does this make sense? I know it will be work to change all the locales,
> but imho it will be easier than trying to get the number changes right.

It's entirely sensible to me, will decrease the potential for human 
error in creating new localizations, and it should be really trivial to 
update old locales to the new format.


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