[sword-devel] greek modules

anthony kerr anton_kylie at pacific.net.au
Thu Jul 22 05:59:54 MST 2004

Could someone help me, perhaps Chris ?

I am very keen to make a high quality greek text freely available with no 
restrictions, plus morphology and lexical information, plus accents.

I have been using the WHAC module a few times a week in a translation group, 
and it almost fulfills my demanding dreams. However I have found the odd 
little error in most chapters, sometimes it is the parsing info and sometimes 
it is a missing word (when compared with WHNU) .

So I am prepared over the coming months to edit it with a fine tooth comb.

To that end I have now scanned into my computer all of the 1898 edition of the 
Westcott Hort "The New Testament in the Original Greek", which is a 
reprinting of the 1885 edition. But it occurred to me that there were later 
editions (e.g. 1907) and perhaps I should be using that edition. What do you 

Also I can export the module using mod2imp, but can I edit the file mod2imp 
creates directly and then turn it into a module again?

Does anyone have some guidance for me?

in Christ

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