[sword-devel] NASB Lexicons (final kaf & sheva)

David dnr at cscholar.com
Wed Jul 21 14:54:16 MST 2004

Thanks for the help Daniel.

I posted the details of the problem to the ibiblio list. Just have to wait for a
response now.
Unless someone tells me different I will make the changes for the encoding to be
final kaf + sheva.

Aside from the final kaf \ sheva question there is still a need for someone that
knows the languages to check the conversion routines. I have went over them
several times myself, so they should be fairly accurate, and there are not a
lot of characters to check (79 greek, 88 hebrew).

Anyway, if anyone does decide to check the routines I have put all of the files
that I think you will need here:
that includes the source for the conversion routines, the pdf's with the
original font encodings, and all of the unicode pdf's that I think you might
need (so you do not have to look for them).

I also put a map module that I created last night there, I have sent it to Troy,
but I do not know when he will have time to look at it.

It displays in BibleCS, except that the display window needs horizontal scroll

It might be interesting to know how it does on other front-ends.
I just worked on it for a couple of hours, maybe someone will have ideas on how
to improve it. Maybe the maps should be smaller to decrease load time?
Anyway it's there.


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