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Michael Hamblin michaelh at utdallas.edu
Thu Jul 1 07:02:46 MST 2004

Hey again all - coming out of Lurk Mode :)

When I spoke with my friends at the Biblical Studies Foundation about
this, they were positive about doing it. But, the text only - no
footnotes - would be available for download as a module, and then it
would have to be served through the bible.org website. But, I never
followed up with it further this past January due to other more
pressing matters. The footnotes could be made available as well as a
locked module and for a small fee. As you are aware, they are trying
to meet a significant budget shortfall.

D. Austin is definately the man to talk to, but make sure you get
specifics about what he needs and be diligent to follow up with him
and developers; he'll be more than happy to assist. My problem is
that I wasn't able to be diligent with him and the developers who
could produce the module for distribution on the website.

If these two modules with the recently released Beta 2 are ready for
distribution and meet BSF specs, then it should be a matter of sending
the modules and keys for posting on their site.


On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, William Thimbleby wrote:

> I was talking to David Puranen about the NET translation, and he knew
> some of the people involved in the NET translation.

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