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l_d_allan at adelphia.net l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 12 17:18:08 MST 2004

> >It is now at 2M, down from 9M.
> Great!
> >The size of Java 1.4 JRE is 1.2M. My opinion is that Java belongs on
> >everyone's machine.

Is this specifically for Linux?

>From Javasoft website:
For Windows, choose "Windows Online Installation" for the quickest download and installation on a machine connected to the Internet. Typical download size is 7.6 MB, which is the minimum download. The size may increase if additional features are selected.

I originally wrote the InVerse scripture memorization freeware as a Java app, but switched because the associated/required JRE caused the download to go by a factor of over 60x (80kb to 5+ meg). My experience is that it is flawed to assume a Win2000 or Win98 (FE-SE-ME) user has Java installed. 

My impression is that a relatively less computer literate person using Win98 or Win2000 to run JSword is looking at a 1.2meg + 7.6 meg download and a less than obvious installation.

IMHO, Java is great for intranets, but has problems with performance and installation for standalone apps.

Lynn A.

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