[sword-devel] Missing books - faithful translations?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 28 11:16:30 MST 2004


You can find a copy of the DRC, including the deuterocanonical books, 
that uses the GenBook driver, at 

This module will be extremely slow.  There may be problems.  Some 
features may be unavailable for use with this module.  Etc.  No updates 
are planned before multiple versification support is added to Sword's 
Bible driver.

I don't know whether electronic editions of the DRA or Reina-Valera that 
include the deuterocanonicals currently exist.  If they don't or are not 
available, we still won't be able to make the deuterocanonicals 
available in those translations.

You should check out ABS's site www.bible.com for Spanish Bibles.  They 
have a number of different Catholic translations in English and Spanish 
for sale.


Andre Dubuc wrote:
> Dear Kyle,
> Thanks for the re-assurance -- I had hoped there wasn't a 'bias' in their 
> omission. Hover, I must admit my frustration at not been able to complete my 
> project.
> I would be very interested in having access to these books in Spanish (since I 
> already have their equivalent hard-text). Whether they are called 
> 'Apocryphal' or whatever, is of little bearing -- access to them would be the 
> paramount issue. The "display of the Apocrypha, how do you feel about the 
> display of the books in the commentary window?" would be fine!
> I would be more than willing to learn how to add them as an 'Additional 
> Module' for the Douay-Rheims (both DRA & DRC). I'm in the process of hunting 
> down a 'Catholic' Spanish bible (hard copy). [In the meantime, until I find a 
> copy, I've used http://www.freetranslation.com for a rough approximation of 
> the texts.]
> Thanks for replying, Kyle.
> Regards & blessings!
> Andre
> On Wednesday 28 April 2004 10:42 am, you wrote:
>>First, thanks for the encouragement!
>>In answer to your main question, no, there hasn't been any "liberal
>>editing" or theological bias against the texts in question. It is a design
>>issue. The original design of the sword library was hard-coded, in a sense,
>>to the modern KJV versification scheme, which did not include the
>>However, there are plans to move to a more flexible system, that could
>>support different versification schemes (everything from including the
>>Apocrypha to translations like The Message). I also believe, but don't hold
>>me to it, that there was discussion to release the books in a general book
>>format, that would show up in the commentary window. However, I believe the
>>concern there was showing the books outside of the bible window would again
>>imply there was something wrong with those specific books.
>>In response to the display of the Apocrypha, how do you feel about the
>>display of the books in the commentary window?  While it may not be as
>>canonized, it would mean they are available to use.  I don't remember
>>reading about any specific decision, though if there is one, someone else
>>will also respond, or at least appreciate some feedback.
>>I hope this answered your questions and allayed any concerns you had about
>>The Sword Project. Best wishes on your translation of Douay=Rheims to
>>Spanish. Perhaps, someday it may be included in Sword (Note: decision not
>>up to me, I do not speak for group in this case)
>>In Christ,
>>On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 07:54:25AM -0400, Andre Dubuc wrote:
>>>I'm new to this list, and am very pleased with the quality of the Sword
>>>Project. My present project is the translation of an existing document
>>>from English (Douay-Rheims 1914 version) to Spanish.
>>>Originally, I d/l the Spanish Reina-Valera edition, and everything was
>>>fine until I needed the books of Judith and Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) --
>>>both of which are in my hard-copy edition of the Douay-Rheims.
>>>None of the downloads: DRA, DRC, nor the SRV, have these books. I can
>>>understand that in some non-Catholic circles, these books are considered
>>>apocryphal. However, since they were included in the published original
>>>versions, I am confused why they have been edited in these downloads.
>>>Perhaps they should be re-named so as not to give the impression that
>>>they are faithful to their name and their heritage.
>>>My question is: would other d/l's of Bibles be canonical to their
>>>tradition: i.e., 'Catholic' versions remain entire? Or should I assume
>>>some liberal editing has taken place across the Sword Project?
>>>Thank you for the outstanding software -- it's the best Bible sotware
>>>I've used. I certainly hope someone can point me to a 'Catholic' version
>>>of the Spanish bible that would include the required books.
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