[sword-devel] BCB6 build???

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Thank you for this clarification. 
I encounter problems with some files in icu-sword (mutex.cpp,
nameprep.cpp, strprep.cpp & .h files) - they are icluded in bcb project
but absent in your cvs. I took those from the net. But it seems that I
need more knowledge of C to build Sword myself. 

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No, in fact it is not possible to build BibleCS with BCB6 at the moment.

I had forgotten that separate BCB6 projects for icu-sword were added to 
CVS, so I didn't update those.  If someone would like to update them to 
conform to the BCB5 projects and commit the changes, that would be
I don't have BCB6 installed here (and won't have access to it for a few 
weeks), so I can't do it myself.

I think the update is just a matter of loading the BCB5 projects in
changing the output filenames to match those in the BCB6 projects,
over the BCB6 project files, and test compiling.


On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, YAB wrote:

> Hello,
> sorry for bothering you (I am not very familiar with programming) but 
> is it really possible to build biblecs with BCB6?
> I've been trying some days using biblecs, icu-sword and sword files 
> (downloaded with cvs). I use BCB6 Personal version under win98. 
> icuinbcb6.lib is OK with icuucbcb6.lib problems occur: after several 
> warnings there are numerous errors (first is "unable to open input 
> digitlst.cpp" which is located not where the program looks for it).
> Should I go on trying to change paths and directories? Following 
> exactly advices concerning this item which were put on your devel-list

> for one year, I only finished with over 250 compiler warnings, and 50 
> linker errors. By now, I really appreciate the work of those who 
> succeded with build - and I appreciate the level of technical skills 
> necessary to deal with such a sophisticated project...
> Could you give me a piece of advice how to go on?
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