[sword-devel] question about WAP online Bibles...

Mark Morley sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:23:35 -0700

> I was mainly thinking of just having a Bible search function (eg: you
> enter "john 3:16" and it returns "for God ..."; or enter "john 3" for
> similar results) and a word search (eg: enter "For Loved God World
> Son"
> and it would return "john 3:16" as well as the text "for God ...")

Ok, check out 'wapSWORD' at http://christian.net/wapsword/

Obviously you need to access that with a WAP browser for it to
work...  either a real WAP device or an emulator (a good one is
available for free at openwave.com)

Lets you enter a passage/range, optionally some keywords, and
select a version, then returns the results.  I stuck three
versions in there to choose from, but they could be any valid
text or commentary module.

Keyword search is restricted to the passage(s) you entered, and
keywords are displayed in bold so you can pick them out.  Book,
chapter, and verse names/numbers are also bold.

Tested with various cell phone emulators I have, plus one real
cell phone (Samsung N370).

Source consists of one really simple 119 line PHP file that
talks to my swordd server.

No doubt it has bugs, but it's a start.  let me know what you