[sword-devel] BCB6 build???

Jonathan K. Mickelson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:56:35 -0400


Yes, it is really possible to build biblecs with BCB6.  When this 
semester is over, I will write up some instructions on building biblecs 
from the CVS tree.  Until then, consider using the prebuilt libraries at 

You will still need the cvs tree for biblecs.  Read the instructions and 
follow as through as building the tutorial.  Also place the biblecs 
directory into C:\yourdir\biblecs.

Open the BCB6 project called "sword.bpr" in C:\yourdir\biblecs\CBuilder6 
and "make". 

If I included all the instructions properly and you followed them 
properly ... how's that for a disclaimer :) ... then everything should 
work the very first time.  (oh, such a bold statement).

Of course, I was always told, "Whenever you give demo, never say 
anything more prophetic than 'Watch this.' "

A Joyful Servant,

p.s. I've really spent a lot of time on Sword when I should have spent 
time on my studies and final essays.  I wouldn't change it, but I'm 
working real hard to play catch up.  I earnestly request and appreciate 
your prayers concerning the excellent completion of my class work.  (by 
the way, other Sword Developers are going through finals as well this 
month and it might just be a nice and kind idea to pray for the whole 
team.  We sure would appreciate it.  Thank you kindly.)

YAB wrote:

>sorry for bothering you (I am not very familiar with programming) but is it
>really possible to build biblecs with BCB6?
>I've been trying some days using biblecs, icu-sword and sword files
>(downloaded with cvs). I use BCB6 Personal version under win98.
>icuinbcb6.lib is OK
>with icuucbcb6.lib problems occur: after several warnings there are numerous
>errors (first is "unable to open input digitlst.cpp" which is located not
>where the program looks for it).
>Should I go on trying to change paths and directories?
>Following exactly advices concerning this item which were put on your
>devel-list for one year, I only finished with over 250 compiler warnings,
>and 50 linker errors. By now, I really appreciate the work of those who
>succeded with build - and I appreciate the level of technical skills
>necessary to deal with such a sophisticated project...
>Could you give me a piece of advice how to go on?
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