[sword-devel] Trying to checkout sword using WinCvs 1.2 ... has CVSROOT changed?

Lynn Allan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 9 Apr 2004 02:43:33 -0600

Hi sword-devel'opers,

Sounds like the BCB6 .bpr's / .bpg's have been synch'ed. Thanks Troy,
Jonathan, et'al ! :-)

I was going to give it a try, but ran into problems getting WinCvs 1.2 to
checkout the latest code tree. Have the instructions/settings changed since
late-2003? I seem to recall that there were instructions specifically for
WinCvs 1.2 for Win32 developers. I looked in twiki, mvnforum, and the
CrossWire webpages. At one point, I came across the note to "follow the link
for CVS usage" but that seemed a "dead end."

I did find this link from Dec, 2000:

Has the CVSROOT for WinCvs 1.2 changed from
(at one point it was: :pserver:anonymous@cvs.crosswire.org:/cvs/core ???)

Should I be using WinCvs 1.3?

I'm getting this error message:
cvs checkout -P sword (in directory C:\Sword)
/usr/local/cvsroot: no such repository
cvs checkout: authorization failed: server cvs.crosswire.org rejected access
to /usr/local/cvsroot for user anonymous
*****CVS exited normally with code 1*****

Sharing the reason for the season,
Lynn A.