[sword-devel] Unicode enabled winsword

Steve Tang sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 05:52:09 -0700 (MST)

> I've added an option in the preferences to change the 'User 
> interface' font. That will change what font is used in comboboxes and 
> text entry.

Please let this be an option, instead of having multiple binaries for
different languages, if possible. Reasons if you're interested:
* There are native speakers who prefer to not see any English at all
* There are the immigrants like me who use English Windows (I get lost
with Chinese translations of things like file, edit, etc.) Yet inside I
think in Chinese, I recite my familiar verses in Chinese.
* A lot of people still use Chinese Windows which is not compatible with
unicode. Sword & its Chinese modules still work in that environment. But
I've found that overseas Chinese are more likely to help out on utf-8
things, while the home boys work with their out-dated environment,

> On Win9x the same exe can be used but any non-Latin script will be 
> displayed as '????'. For non-English windows - sword locales can 
> still be made for the appropriate codepage.

I used to have a win95 machine on which Sword worked fine.

> Also, a question for non-English users, or those working on non-
> English stuff. Does it make more sense for the module name to be 
> displayed in:
> (1)English
> (2)the language of the module
> (3)the language of the user

MHO, in preference order:
1) have (1) & (2), both as options.
2) have all as options. To me, (3) is not that important compared to (2).

Providing Chinese translations for 200 modules, to me, is not a lot of
work. So if we have something like 'title_cn=...' in the .conf files which
only works when the user chose a certain option.

> 1 is generally what we have at the moment. 
> 2 might not display on win9x, but could have a fallback of English
> 3 would be a lot of work for translators since there are a lot of 
> modules

Does anyone know how to unicodize the personal module editor? That would
be really helpful.

> Daniel
> On 23 Jan 2003 at 0:06, danglassey@ntlworld.com wrote:
> > ok, I've checked in the latest Tnt stuff into 
> > apps/windoze/CBuilder5/TntUnicodeControls
> > 
> > It'll need tested on BCB5 but looks good on BCB6 though - haven't 
> > started on the gui controls yet though - want to check BCB projects 
> > in first.
> > 
> > d
> > 
> > On 20 Jan 2003 at 13:54, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> > 
> > > Daniel,
> > > 	Sure, if you can get the new tnt stuff working and in cvs that would be 
> > > great!  Please be sure everything is included to build _without_ making 
> > > anyone download and install a tnt package into bcb.  This has been the 
> > > policy since our experiences with RxLib, Indy, and other controls we've 
> > > tried seem to keep changing their API, and it makes it impossible to 
> > > prescribe installing a set of 3rd party tools successfully.
> > > 
> > > 	I'm excited to see if you have success with the new tnt stuff!  I'd 
> > > love to be able to remove all the strange encodings we have currently 
> > > for the BibleCS client locales.
> > > 
> > > 	One thing to be sure:  That at least English still works back to Win95. 
> > >   It would be great if the controls fully functioned in 95, but I'm 
> > > happy with "If you want client localization, you'll have to upgrade your 
> > > os".
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