[sword-devel] Unicode enabled winsword

Avihai.H sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 00:02:32 +0200

Shalom :o)
   In the "sword-1.5.4betaX" I have managed to make an
   Hebrew local file (locals.d), but it was good until a certain point
   before it went crazy.
   I didn't tried it with the latest version, but I will do so
   when I'll have some spare time :o)

   I am both English and Hebrew user and
   I think that it would be a good thing to
   let everything be in English, but allowing
   the user to change the Sword UI to
   any language he/she wants.


 Also, a question for non-English users, or those working on non-
 English stuff. Does it make more sense for the module name to be 
 displayed in:
 (2)the language of the module
 (3)the language of the user
 1 is generally what we have at the moment. 
 2 might not display on win9x, but could have a fallback of English
 3 would be a lot of work for translators since there are a lot of