[sword-devel] Hebrew and Desgin :o)

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 13:54:44 -0700

	Sure, if you can get the new tnt stuff working and in cvs that would be 
great!  Please be sure everything is included to build _without_ making 
anyone download and install a tnt package into bcb.  This has been the 
policy since our experiences with RxLib, Indy, and other controls we've 
tried seem to keep changing their API, and it makes it impossible to 
prescribe installing a set of 3rd party tools successfully.

	I'm excited to see if you have success with the new tnt stuff!  I'd 
love to be able to remove all the strange encodings we have currently 
for the BibleCS client locales.

	One thing to be sure:  That at least English still works back to Win95. 
  It would be great if the controls fully functioned in 95, but I'm 
happy with "If you want client localization, you'll have to upgrade your 

	Thanks Daniel!


PS.  I like the interlinear for Bibletime and GnomeSword.  I was hoping 
to get the display control moved over to gecko before attempting such, 
though.  Daniel?  ;)  That would be a very adventurous task! :) 
Actually, just getting gecko built from source in BCB would be a great 
community contribution.  I've looked into it and it's not a trivial 
process.  Their build system requires an IDL compiler (which we could 
run from BCB), but it's not a matter of just making a project and adding 
the .cpp files :)  Wow, that's a long PS. :)

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> On 18 Jan 2003 at 2:09, Avihai.H sent forth the message:
>>Shalom to everyone :o)
> Hi :)
>> 2) Does the new Sword release can be
>>     fully translated into Hebrew? Last time I tried
>>     to do it, it generated bugs. I want to translate the
>>     name of the books, make them in their Hebrew
>>     order and translate the interface. If changed hadn't
>>     been done, how can I help in make it a reality?
> I'd like to look at changing the menus to use unicode (and generally 
> use the latest TntUnicodeControls). Troy, would it be ok if I replace 
> the TntUnicode stuff in the CBuilder5/BibleCS/TntUnicodeControls with 
> the latest code? And then try using some of the controls.
>> 3) What about the graphical GUI, do we have
>>      guidelines for it. A few months ago I posted
>>      some sketches? Where do I go from now on?
> Actually, there is one GUI idea that we really need that I don't 
> think I have heard any ideas for - how to display multiple texts 
> sidebyside. If you have any ideas for that it would be really great 
> :)
> Regards,
> Daniel
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