[sword-devel] The Sword Project for Palm OS?

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 19:42:00 -0000

Hi there .......

On 18 Jan 2003 at 18:03, Martin Gruner wrote:
> But after Poetry Poon decided to close his sources and go commercial, Chris
> Little made a snapshot of all the files that were available (GPL, afaik) up
> to this point. They reside on some harddrive now and are waiting for
> somebody to continue this great project in the Open Source way. 

As a user of Poetry's stuff on my Palm, I hope somebody does take it up!  I 
coinverted several Sword modules to Poetry's format some time ago, and find 
it really handy to have one or two different bibles on my Palm at any one 
time.  Please keep in touch about this one.

God bless,

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