[sword-devel] Copyrights and derivative works

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An index/concordance is not a "derivative work" because it's completely
automated to create it, in the words of the URL below "purely mechanical
task with no element of editorial selection" therefore not copyrightable as
a separate derivative work... however... because it's purely mechanical and
not a derivative work it may still fall under the original copyright
protection of the original work... so.... the answer still may be "no you
can't do that without permission" but for a different reason than the
original questioner was asking.


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> Thus spake "Jerry Hastings"> :
> > At 08:56 PM 1/17/2003 -0800, Joel Mawhorter wrote:
> >> ...could I create a NIV concordence without the permission of the IBS?
> >
> > No. See: http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ14.html#who .
> Actually, this would probably be okay. (I think, IANAL) In general,
> databases of factual information are not copyrightable. In this case, he
> not reproducing the text, he is simply describing it. That is, he is
> "the NIV uses word X in passage Y" - not reproducing the text. It is well
> within fair use for me to consult someone else's work in the preparation
> my own - I just can't duplicate their work in my own.
> On the other hand, if he wanted to take the NIV text and adapt it to
> something like the New International Readers Version, that would violate
> copyright.
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