[sword-devel] Copyrights and derivative works

Patrick Narkinsky sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 01:31:57 -0500

Thus spake "Jerry Hastings"> :

> At 08:56 PM 1/17/2003 -0800, Joel Mawhorter wrote:
>> ...could I create a NIV concordence without the permission of the IBS?
> No. See: http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ14.html#who .

Actually, this would probably be okay. (I think, IANAL) In general,
databases of factual information are not copyrightable. In this case, he is
not reproducing the text, he is simply describing it. That is, he is saying
"the NIV uses word X in passage Y" - not reproducing the text. It is well
within fair use for me to consult someone else's work in the preparation of
my own - I just can't duplicate their work in my own.

On the other hand, if he wanted to take the NIV text and adapt it to produce
something like the New International Readers Version, that would violate the


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