[sword-devel] Hebrew and Desgin :o)

Avihai.H sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 02:09:45 +0200

Shalom to everyone :o)

 1) A few months ago I have asked the
      source of "HebModern" because I want
      to fix a lot of typing/scanning mistakes, but
      no one gave it to me - what should we do?

 2) Does the new Sword release can be
     fully translated into Hebrew? Last time I tried
     to do it, it generated bugs. I want to translate the
     name of the books, make them in their Hebrew
     order and translate the interface. If changed hadn't
     been done, how can I help in make it a reality?

 3) What about the graphical GUI, do we have
      guidelines for it. A few months ago I posted
      some sketches? Where do I go from now on?

                                  Have a blessed and fruitful weekend.