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Jimmie Houchin sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:22:38 -0600

Personally I like having Yahweh in the Bible.

I am not a Hebrew scholar or a scholar of Jewish History or Culture.
However I have always found it quite strange that the Jewish practice of 
not pronouncing the name of God as a reason for not putting the name of 
God in His written Word.

To my understanding the very same people who for thousands of years did 
not pronounce His name continued to write His name when they copied the 
scrolls of scripture. Am I wrong here? Am I the only one who finds this 

I find it bizarre then, to remove it from our writings.

We have progressively been removing God's name from scripture.
And consequently removing much of our knowledge.
KJV remove almost all but I think 7. NKJV removed those.
ASV had most all of them. RSV and decendents removed them.

Except for the WEB and RNKJV almost any of the updated/revised 
translations remove not restore.

How many people know that in the KJV that LORD is Yahweh? I would 
imagine it to be very, very few. I have never seen it taught in any 
Church anywhere. Not saying it hasn't been, but it is most likely rare.

However, the same people who do not know that LORD is Yahweh, will 
recognize Jehovah-Jireh... as being God's name.

Not trying to start a war here, but just wanted to say this. :)
I know no one here made these decisions or the reasons for the decisions.

Unlike some, I do not think it heinous or sacrilegious to have LORD 
instead of Yahweh. However it is my strong preference to stay as 
faithful as possible to the original written text in our written text. 
If we were to choose to adopt similar spoken customs when reading such 
text it would be different. However adopting spoken customs for written 
text is to me not optimal.


Jimmie Houchin

Rev. Michael Paul Johnson wrote:
> At 23:35 14-01-03 -0500, David's Mailing List and Spam Receiver wrote:
>> > So far as I know, the only major English translation to translate YHWH
>> > literally is the New Jerusalem (and, I suppose, the Jerusalem Bible as
>> > well.)
>> Other minor translations that do this, the WEB (and of course the 
>> HNV), and
>> the RNKJV.
> Actually, the WEB uses "Yahweh" for Yod He Waw He and the HNV reverts to 
> the KJV-style "LORD" (or "GOD" when used with "Lord" from "Adonai"). The 
> latter seems strange to most Gentiles, but the HNV is targeted at 
> Messianic Jews, whose tradition of not pronouncing the Most Holy Name of 
> God is strong. Since the Septuagint, which is quoted in the New 
> Testament, uses "LORD" (Kurios) for this Name, it cannot be wrong to do 
> that. On the other hand, it is not wrong to use the more literal 
> transliteration, either, as we may come boldly as children of God before 
> His throne. The most important thing is that you be respectful, and not 
> take His Name lightly or speak evil of Him, no matter what you call Him.
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