[sword-devel] List of Questions...

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Tue, 14 Jan 2003 23:36:53 -0000

On 15 Jan 2003 at 0:39, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Derek Neighbors wrote:
> > 1. Are the sword, gnome-sword and bibletime packages for Debian actively
> > maintained?  I had been making some custom one's because they appeared so
> > stale in unstable.

To be fair, the answer has been no, to all intents and purposes I've 
been MIA as the maintainer. I really am sorry you've had to put the 
work in to make custom ones.

Yep, I have to come clean on this, as I have made a mess of this 
starting with the last minute changes for woody back in April.  

At the moment I'm trying to get a chroot working (amongst other 
things so not right now as you'll guess if you read the headers) for 
woody and sid so I can make and test fixed gnomesword packages for 
woody and then make the gcc3.2 transitioned sword lib, then move onto 
the new apps. (I need to check what is wrong as the xserver won't 
start on the chroot)

> New BibleTime is based on KDE3, which is not officially in any Debian
> version yet. KDE 3.1 will be ready in a week (or is already), and
> Debian packages will be ready soon after that IF new QT and maybe some
> other stuff will be okay after Debian changing to gcc 3.2... Probably
> you knew this already. But I think that making new BibleTime packages
> has not been worth it until now.

indeed, though that hasn't been the case for gnomesword and the sword 

> Daniel Glassey, the maintainer of the deb package, might be willing to
> tell more. I'm also interested about this. (Daniel was just online,
> let's see what happens :)

Anyway, it's bedtime now so I can't think of more to say right now.