[sword-devel] KJV2003

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 15:52:10 -0700

	I'm working to removing your KJV+strongs module today.  I've given you 
a link to the KJV2003 project in the past, but am providing you with it 
again here:


You can read about our process for developing this text, but in short, 
we have 14 skilled volunteers tagging assigned sections of Scripture by 
hand with a tool that allows them to fairly easily do so.  I'm sure 
they'd be happy to email you and describe their experiences if you still 
don't believe that we are undertaking this task.  Most of them are 
received a CC: of this message.

I will let you know when the text is removed from all of our projects 
here (we have many frontends that use our library), as most of them use 
the kjv+strongs text, and many have their own packaging for this text.

I'm quite disappointed with your decision to not share what God has 
blessed you with, with the rest of God's family.  Are you quite sure the 
people who paid you all this money to develop this free work didn't 
intend for it to be freely usable by all?  It would even seem to me that 
if you were, indeed, paid over $150,000 to develop this free work, that 
the paying company would be the guardian of the license of this effort. 
  May I ask who paid you to do this work?


Also, may I ask a more important question:

Would you mind telling me and all of these other brothers and sisters 
why you've suddenly chosen to not let us use these works?  Why don't you 
want these valuable works distributed by anyone but you?  Is your goal 
the most widespread furthering of the Kingdom, or something lesser?

In any case our KJV2003 text will be available to all of these other 
projects and to you, as well, and include much more precise markup of 
the Greek/English relationship between the KJV and Stephanas Textus 
Receptus.  I'm sorry that you didn't wish to offer your contribution in 
the production of the next level of this type of data and tool for God's 
Church.  The offer is always open.

	Complying with your request as fast as we can.  In Christ,

Larry Pierce wrote:
> Troy,
> Please delete the database for the Strongs numbers and the two lexicons you
> took from the Online Bible. I some wild stretch of your imagination you
> think these are public domain. I had sent you and extract so you could
> identify them. I think you renamed them to Thayers and BDB to cover your
> scelerous deeds.
> I have asked several times before and this is the last time. You are
> stalling for time and sobbing that you have been slandered. Well, the
> courts are open. You are guilt as sin and you know it. Others should know
> it too!
> Will go through rest of your material later.
> 1) Please detail how you will completely encode the Bible to Strongs so
>    quickly without perloining existing copyrighted material. If you cannot,
>    why should I not shall assume the worst and act accordingly?

see above.

> 2) How do you identify material under copyright? Do you talk to the creator
>    of the material to see how it was prepared or just make assumptions?

we hope the material bears a descriptively precise license and copyright 
status notice.  If not, many time we'll post the data and wait for 
someone to contact us if there is a problem.  We've not had anyone, 
beside yourself, be in the least bit irate or upset with our methods or 

> 3) Why do you not want to give me you home address and phone number? What
>    are you afraid of?

You have my office address, it's posted on crosswire.org and you've had 
my home phone number in the past, but I don't feel I wish to expose 
myself and family to your current tone and state of mind, at your 
discretion, so I'm quite pleased you've forgotten it.

	-Troy A. Griffitts.

> .. larry pierce