[sword-devel] Accusations...

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 21:23:24 -0700 (MST)

> Where did Larry get his works? 

Primarily from other people, with a few exceptions discussed in my 
previous email (KJV+strongs, BDB/Thayer, TVM, various corruptions).  When 
noting copyright/requesting permissions in the past we go to the source, 
not Larry.  He has no control over the copyrights of others.
> How did he get the NIV and NKJV, etc. in electronic form? 

Probably from the publishers.  It's been known to happen (even to 
swashbuckling pirates of the Bible software seas like us).

> How did we get the tools to convert the OLB modules to SWORD modules?
> (We would have to know the format of the OLB modules to make a tool to
> convert between the two, how did we find out the OLB format)

OLB exports to RTF that can pretty easily be converted to less painful
formats.  Larry accused us (Troy tells me) of distributing tools for
converting OLB modules to Sword format that he had expressly forbidden us
from distributing.  There are a few problems with this notion.  We
don't distribute OLB2SWORD (the very old tool for OLB DOS) or PRN2SWORD 
(the rather old tool for OLB Windows) publicly.  It's in the CVS tree 
still, and it doesn't build.  If someone did fix the code so that it could 
build or found an old compiled version, he would find that it doesn't work 
on anything exported from any even remotely recent version of OLB.  
Second--Larry "forbid" us from distributing something?

Honestly I think he might have gotten his hands on Diaspora, since I sent
it to some folks who produce OLB material and are in regular communication
with him.  Diaspora does have some OLB-related options, but they're for
importing to OLB from Sword (and it's vastly larger library :).  It's what 
I use when I make OLB modules from our texts for TOLBSS.

> How did we get the modules if Troy never had the OLB CD? 

Websites have almost everything from OLB posted (anything beyond that we
definitely don't have) so it wouldn't be much challenge.  However, we
prefer to get things not in OLB format for a number of reasons like funky
text encodings, less chance of editorial emedations, re-versification,
etc.  The main reason is that we prefer to get things from the source
whenever possible since it tends to introduce less noise in the signal.
> As far as you know what modules did we convert from OLB modules?

Not much.  There's a stronger possibility that we copied copyright data 
out of OLB than the texts themselves (OLB has little copyright files that 
describe sources/copyrights at times that are hard to track down at