[Fwd: [sword-devel] FACTS]

David Landrith sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 23:20:39 -0500

Just a few things to keep in mind while this is being debated (and I 
don't wish to imply that nobody has been keeping these things in mind):

1. Copyright and patent infringement does not constitute thievery.  If 
it did, we wouldn't need copyright and patent laws.

2. Intellectual property is not real.  It is a legal construct created 
to encourage creativity while fostering a fair marketplace for ideas.

3. Thus, when you infringe on a copyright or patent, you are not 
stealing.  At worst, you are stifling creativity.  Granted, our legal 
system can impose ridiculously large penalties for stifling creativity 
(ironically, often stiffer than even the most egregious theft), but 
that doesn't make it thievery.

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