[sword-devel] Module creation help

David Mullens sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:41:07 -0500

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world - Margaret Mead


I'm wanting to create modules of existing texts.  So far, I've tried
marking up a small file in OSIS.  I then ran xml2gbs.exe on it to create
the module.  I created my .conf file.

However, when I open up, I can see my tab, but I the window doesn't
contain anything.

I then downloaded an E. M. Bounds book on prayer that was already marked
up in OSIS.  I ran that through xml2bgs.exe and created the .conf file.
Again, it doesn't display anything when I click on its tab.

So, I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong somewhere.  I tried following
the information on the website, but I'm just not getting something.

If anyone can give me a hand on getting started creating modules, I
would very much appreciate it.

My goal is to mark up some text documents (by John Fletcher among
others) using OSIS and then create modules from them.