[sword-devel] Web Interface

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 22 Feb 2003 16:52:00 -0700

Wow, thanks for all the traffic!

I'm still really looking for user interface ideas (thanks for the ones 
that have been expressed).  The calls to get the data from sword will be 
dependent on the dynamic server-side mechanism used; coming up with an 
easy access mechanism to the sword engine from an httpd plugin is a 
separate issue.  (Joe, jsword is an option to solve this problem if jsp 
is the httpd plugin, but I'm not quite sure jsword is there yet, and if 
I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure the sword-like api interface isn't close, 

I definitely understand the point about not using stuff that will make 
the tool inaccessible to some.  There are many sites that I can't go to 
just because I run NS on Linux!

BUT, I want cool functionality for those who have it, so we will 
probably have an option that can be toggled.  For example, I want hover 
popup help for strongs numbers.  Not sure how else to do that without 
javascript (WHAT IS ECMAScript?).

Agreed, no frames.

OK, any user interface design ideas?  I'd love to see a mockup that 
anyone feels inspired to throw together.


Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 YTang0648@aol.com wrote:
>>In a message dated 2/22/2003 8:08:24 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
>>infoChi@infomagic.net writes:
>>>PHP is given out free, the same GPL style as we have but different, there 
>>>are many details to it. PHP is made for many different types of servers and 
>>>is very common.
>>A browser which support ECMAScript/JavaScript which called Mozilla is also 
>>given out free, a different open source license, MPL,  is with it. Mozilla is 
>>made for many different types of client OS and is very common too. And beside 
>>it, Netscape7, AOL, CompuServ, IE , Opera, Phoneix, Chimera, Safari ALSO 
>>support JavaScript, CSS and DOM
>>And if people still concern about using ECMAScript/JavaScript in the web 
>>interface because the browser they use is lack of the standard support, I am 
>>not sure people will happe with php since there are even no standard for php.
>>I am not agaist the use of php. I am simply against the "no JavaScript 
>>please" because my browser do not support it request. 
>>Which TEXT based browser do not support JavaScript?
> It seems you are not entirely informed. PHP can be completely transparant. 
> Wether or not valid HTML/XHTML/.... is generated is the programmers 
> responsibility.
> But javascript is not an option for anyone using any of the following 
> browsers:
>  - Lynx
>  - w3m
>  - links
> Beyond that I see no point in adding javascript when all issues can be 
> handled very well without them.
> We want to be accessible to all. While a text browser works for blind 
> using a brialle ruler, using frames and/or javascript makes it completely 
> inaccessable to them.
> Hugo.